Parenting Practices & Discipline Strategies that Support Positive Child Development Webinars

The goal of this three-part series of professional development webinars is to provide information to early childhood caregivers and program staff about how to help parents address challenging behaviors of young children and identify discipline strategies that promote positive social development and emotional wellbeing. The webinars will focus on practical, research supported, strategies for preventing problems and effectively addressing challenging behaviors and provide participants information and resources to share with parents.

Part 1: Building a Strong Foundation: Positive Parent-Child Relationships as Prevention

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The first webinar in this three part series will focus on strategies and behaviors that promote positive parent-child relationships. Relationships with primary caregivers provide the foundation of positive behavior and social-emotional development for young children. The first webinar will provide participants resources and information about parenting practices during infancy and early childhood that promote health and development, facilitate attachment, and build positive relationships to prevent and reduce future behavior problems.

Part 2: Promoting Positive Behavior and Reducing Problems

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The second webinar in this series will focus on strategies and parenting practices that prevent and reduce problems by promoting positive behavior. This session will focus on special play time, setting up the child for success, consistency in expectations, schedules and routines, and giving clear direct commands.

Part 3: Addressing Problems and Effectively Managing Challenging Behaviors

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The final webinar in this series will focus on effective parenting and discipline strategies that help reduce and address problems and challenging behaviors. Participants will be provided information and resources to share with parents including effective use of selective attention and planned ignoring, sensible and logical consequences, rewards, and time-out.


These webinars are hosted by Community Solutions at the University of South Florida is for educational purposes only. Webinar content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published, or transferred in any form or by any means, except with the prior written permission of the Department of Child & Family Studies' Chair.