HIPPY Program Home Visitors

  • Increase and broaden employment opportunities beyond HIPPY.
  • Develop wide-ranging skills:
    • teaching
    • administrative (computer, planning, reporting)
    • creative
  • Acquire work experience, enabling competition in the job market or participation in further education studies.
  • Participate in various educational advancement opportunities.

Families and Communities

  • Strong parent-child relationships
  • Educational activities with the child in home and community becomes part of the family routine
  • Decreased isolation and increased connection of families with community
  • Expansion of socio-economic opportunities and horizons
  • Families take on proactive roles and initiatives in the community

“Well-designed evaluations are necessary in order to improve the quality of existing home visitation programs, to replicate successful programs, and to develop new ones”

Citation from (Daro, D. (2009). Embedding Home Visitation Programs within a Systems of Early Childhood Services. Chicago: Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, p3).