HIPPY Program Parent Outcomes

  • Acquire knowledge of child development and appropriate expectations for their children with sensitivity to individual pace and temperament.
  • Become confident in their teaching abilities
  • Enrich their children’s home literacy environment
  • Take on proactive roles when their children enter the formal academic environment:
    • Communicating with child’s school
    • Attending school events
    • Advocating for child’s education
    • Volunteering in the school
  • Take on new challenges, such as:
    • becoming HIPPY home visitors
    • going back to school
    • finding employment

Understanding, measuring and documenting parent outcomes is a primary focus of the HIPPY USA National Research and Evaluation Center (NREC).

HIPPY values and promotes the universal place of parents as the first and most
Important facilitator of their children’s education and well-being.

The HIPPY program is designed to build parents’ confidence, knowledge, and skill in encouraging their children’s curiosity and love of learning.

HIPPY programs believe that engaging interactions between parent and child and an enriching home environment are the key and fundamental components in the child’s readiness for kindergarten, school, community and life – and the child’s motivation and capacity to realize his or her full potential.